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i cant believe the love i give is not enough

so i have to use the big nasty porno infested computer right now becasue fat philly thought it would be a good idea to put a block over the network at school, to bad it blocks everything at home as well. Dumb shits.

I didnt get the job at price chopper, man that sucks so much ass. Im either under qualified, dont have enough experience, of fail an honesty test. Or i just sit there for an hour and a half to hear that they are not hireing. B-B-B-B-Bull Shit!

Thursday night ash and i went to the mall to fill out applications, i filled one out for old navy. That was the worst one ive ever filled out. I would laugh if i got a job there. We went to the dollar store to get an app. To bad they dont hire white people there.

Yesterday i got a new video game, ive been playin that shit for hours now. (Im such a geek) Ash came over and we played in the snowbanks because we were extremly bored. Ash fell, and she fell hard. It was the funniest thing ive seen all week.

Why is everyone obsessed with the movie donnie darko? yeah its a good movie, but theres way better ones out there.

School of rock comes out on tuesday, im so excited. I LOVE JACK BLACK!

Ashley and i are goning to start are own bussiness. I would tell you what but i dont want anyone to rip us off!

I hate being 17!

later chacos
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